New York Times Bestseller: The definitive biography, based on over six hundred interviews.
During her brief, incandescent life, almost everybody lied about Marilyn Monroe, and she herself did some of the fabricating. Now, in GODDESS, Anthony Summers goes behind the lies, the gossip and the myths to write the ultimate book on Marilyn Monroe, shimmering screen star, fabled fantasy figure, and one of the most poignant personalities of our time. He has filled GODDESS with stunning revelations, about Marilyn's marriages, including an alleged secret union, and her affairs with the most famous and charismatic men of her era. For the first time, he produces firsthand testimony to the long-rumoured liaisons with President John F. Kennedy and his brother Robert, then Attorney General. 

This compassionate book portrays Marilyn Monroe as she actually was, vital, witty, seductive, pathetic, and - ultimately - tragic. Marilyn was a woman of paradox: she wanted more than anything in the world to have children, yet had twelve abortions. She desperately sought an enduring relationship with a man, yet was unable to make a lasting commitment; she had a passion for life, yet repeatedly attempted suicide; she never graduated from high school, yet educated herself to the point she could converse with the brightest minds of her generation; she came from a background of minimal cultural or theatrical knowledge, began her career as a sex symbol, yet ultimately was acclaimed as an outstanding actress.

To tell this complex story, Anthony Summers has deployed all the skills of a page-turning author and a superb investigative reporter. His hundreds of interviewees included intimates and friends who have spoke out for the first time. He obtained startling new documents under the Freedom of Information Act. He chronicles the heartbreak of her final years through the correspondence of her psychiatrist, revealed for the first time in this book. He probes the murky circumstances of her death, uncovering hidden police reports and suppressed phone records, interviewing long-silent witnesses.

Every item in this electrifying book is scrupulously researched and sourced. The recordings of Summers' interviews are available at the Margaret Herrick Library of the Academy of Motion Picture and Sciences in Beverly Hills, California.


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Praise for Goddess

“A remarkable performance … the ghost of Marilyn Monroe cries out on these pages.”
                                                                                                          New York Times

“Electrifying and heartrending biography... A master investigative journalist has painted a haunting portrait.”
Literary Guild Magazine

"Convincing evidence of a crude but effective cover-up which was designed to protect Robert Kennedy."

                                                                             The Times Literary Supplement

"Anthony Summers is one of the most highly skilled investigative reporters writing today"
                                                                                                             Norman Mailer

"The fullest factual account of Monroe's life and death we're likely to get... suggests the sub-life led so arrogantly by power, money and politics in America"
                                                                                      [London] Evening Standard

"Gets as near to the heart of the mystery as anyone ever will"

"Will stir up controversy and scandal... but documentation seems too solid to be disputed."

                                                                                              John Barkham Reviews

"The most authoritative account ever written about the greatest sex symbol of them all"
                                                                                                        Woman Magazine

"Details the transformation of a young, naive 'Norma Jean' into a screen presence that sizzled... we learn about Monroe's four - not three - marriages, her life with Joe DiMaggio, who possibly beat her, and abortions...joltingly details love affairs with John F. Kennedy and Robert, who 'probably' visited her the day she died."

                                                                                                                 Houston Post
The BBC documentary "Marilyn: Say Goodbye to the President", produced by George Carey and Ted Landreth, won huge audiences worldwide. The first of two editions of the film was based on the author's book. He conducted many of the interviews.