co-authored with Stephen Dorril
(The most recent edition is entitled "THE SECRET WORLDS OF STEPHEN WARD")

The Profumo Affair was the political/sex scandal of the 20th century. The Tory War Minister, John Profumo, had been sleeping with the teenage Christine Keeler, who had also slept with a Soviet spy. The ensuing investigation revealed a hidden world in which British upper class men and politicians cavorted with prostitutes, a world of orgies and S&M sessions. The revelations rocked the British Establishment to its core.

Prime Minister Harold Macmillan’s government was weakened and he resigned soon after. The scandal’s tentacles reached across the Atlantic and touched even U.S. President John F. Kennedy. The man at the centre of the storm was Dr. Stephen Ward.

Dr. Ward was many things to many people: successful osteopath to the rich and powerful, part-time artist to his famous patients – who included Sir Winston Churchill and Prince Philip – and sometimes their pimp; he was a Pygmalion who raised young women from rags to riches; and a pawn, ruthlessly exploited by the intelligence agencies. When the scandal engulfed the government, Ward was made the scapegoat, hounded to death – and perhaps murdered.

For the first time, this book reveals the names that could not be named and the truths that could not be told.


AMAZON (U.S Edition)
AMAZON (U.K Edition)

Praise for Honeytrap

“A convincing picture of how the Establishment closed

“Outstanding research … unputdownable”  
Charles Bates, former Assistant Director, F

"Juicy...admirable sleuthing"

                                                                                           London Review of Books

"A thoroughly gripping 'true life' thriller"

                                                                                                     Eastern Daily Press

"An absorbing as it is disturbing"

                                                                                                                          The Star

"An irreverent exposé of outrageous scope even by the hypocritical standards of the British establishment"

                                                                                                  Irish Sunday Tribune

The 1989 movie SCANDAL, starring John Hurt as Stephen Ward, Ian McKellen as John Profumo, and Joanne Whalley as Christine Keeler, was based in part on Summers' and Stephen Dorril's book HONEYTRAP.