The first fully documented, comprehensively researched, birth-to-death biography - the definitive life - of Frank Sinatra. 

This is the story of an American icon who held the imagination of millions for more than fifty years and whose influence in popular music was unsurpassed in the twentieth century. As a child, he said, he had heard “symphonies from the universe” in his head. No one could have imagined where those sounds would lead him. Tracing the arc of this incredible life, from the humble beginnings in Hoboken to the twilight years as a living legend in Malibu, Sinatra follows a career built on raw talent, sheer willpower - and criminal connections. 

Drawing on a treasure trove of documents and interviews, Anthony Summers and Robbyn Swan reveal stunning new information about Sinatra’s links to such Mafia figures as Sam Giancana and Lucky Luciano. And we see for the first time where the Mafia connection began, how and why it lasted, and how it impinged on others, not least President John F. Kennedy.

Here, too, is the core of the private Sinatra - alternately caustic and sympathetic - that the singer so long concealed. The heartbreaking truth about his passion for Ava Gardner emerges from never-before-published conversations with Gardner herself. In exclusive, intimate interviews, the women who loved Sinatra - some of them unknown to the public until now - share memories of the joy and pain of their relationships with him. And we learn what it was like to be the friend of a man who was generous and loyal to a fault, ye - as some of his fellow Rat Packers discovered - who could turn abruptly into a vindictive brute. He was fortunate to live before the start of the #MeToo Movement.

Dramatic, eye-opening, and unfailingly fair-minded, Sinatra is masterful biography: the revelatory story of a brilliant artist and an infinitely complex man.


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Praise for
Sinatra: The Life
"The first fully documented biography...a definitive, 'generational' work."
                                                                                                                        Vanity Fair
“Dense and intimate…first-rate reporting.”
"Anthony Summers never writes a book that fails to offer accurate material you will find nowhere else. No surprise then that Sinatra: The Life is one of the very few bona fide, three-dimensional portraits of an amazingly complex, interesting and sometimes god-awful guy."
                                                                                                               Norman Mailer

"Well-researched, detailed analysis...presents extensive documentation of the legendary crooner's involvement with the Mafia."
                                                                                                                         USA Today

“Truthful, detailed, balanced biography…They bring the superb investigative skills and devotion to truthfulness and accuracy required for any worthwhile biography of this deeply flawed life…Sinatra: The Life will remain definitive for years to come.”
                                                                                                   Dallas Morning News

“Fascinating…and you can say that in spades.”
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Liz Smith, New York Post

“Summers and Swan tell us much that is new, and with panache.…sterling work.”
                                                                                                [London] Sunday Times

“Riveting, surprising…No one has exposed Sinatra’s majesty – and his dark side – as Summers and Swan do.”
                                                                                              Book-of-the-Month Club

The 'My Way' Museum

In "SINATRA", Summers & Swan revealed for the first time that the singer's parents had originated in Lercara Friddi, a village in the heart of Sicily's Mafia country. As a result, in May 2019, the village opened the "My Way" museum to commemorate its famous son - and put our book on permanent display. We hope soon to accept the organisers' invitation to the annual "My Way" festival.


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"Sinatra: Dark Star"

The two-part documentary based on our book showed how closely Sinatra's life was entwined with the Mob. In Sicily, Sinatra's family lived on the same street as that of godfather-to-be Lucky Luciano. The film follows both families' emigration to the U.S. East Coast, where young Sinatra was born to a sometime boxer and his wife, a trained nurse who helped local women with abortions. Singers hoping to perform in clubs in those days invariably found themselves on the payroll of organised crime. Sinatra was no exception.